Basic Set - 20x20"/50x50cm

Basic Set - 20x20"/50x50cm

This is the perfect start of your dungeon adventure!

More than 100pieces wall and tiles elements, doors. secret wall. columns...)

The set includes 4 Magic boards (each 25x25cm) and Can be combined as 50x50cm or 25x75cm

With each Basic Set you can build an area of roughly 50 cm x 50 cm ( ± 20 inch x ± 20 inch).
This area might vary slightly, depending on your layout of rooms/corridors.

All sets include certificate of authenticity!


This is a handcrafted product and is only manufactured to order. The delivery period is between 5-30 days.

40 Tiles 
3x Tile 3"x3"

6x Tile 2"x2"

8x Tile 2"x1"

18x Tile 1"x1"


36 Walls

12x Wall 1"

12x Wall 2"

12x Wall 3"



1x Main Door 
2x Doors

2x Arcs  
6x Columns

18x Corners


This set is unpainted, but includes MD-Wash to paint all of it. 

All sets include certificate of authenticity

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