MD Wash - 70ml

MD Wash - 70ml

The MD Washes are liquid, transparent colours and are based on high-quality, lightfast pigments. They have been developed to show natural vegetation such as earth, stones, rocks, wood, gravel roads, realistic mosses on stones and natural shadows on tabletop terrain or dioramas. So nothing stands in the way of their role models.   


the result of this wash is only guaranteed on POROUS SURFACES such as clay, ceramics, plaster... Do not use on plastic


The My Dungeon Washes are done in Germany and are acrylic based - therefore non-toxic and water dilutable.


Each vial contains two stainless steel nuts so that the wash is better mixed when shaken! 



70 ml content 
high quality light resistant pigments 

Two stainless steel nuts in each bottle!
Made in Germany 
Shake well before use.

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